***No one aside from our clients being tattooed are allowed in the studio. We ask everyone basic health questions before every appointment. Our priority first and foremost is to protect our health and health of our clients.***

Guests are not allowed, Only the client getting tattooed is allowed into the studio.

Deposits made for tattoos are non-refundable. Your deposit will be redeemed at the end of your final session of your tattoo. Tattoo appointments may only be rescheduled once and must be done 48 hours prior to your original appointment date and time, and a new appointment must be made at the time of reschedule in order to keep your deposit valid. Deposits cannot be transferred to another artist. We allow a 15 minute grace for tardiness (any longer will be considered a No-Call/No-Show and will automatically forfeit your deposit). If you think you will be late, please get in-touch right away!

If you do not show up for your appointment, your deposit is forfeit.

If you arrive for your appointment but the area of skin to be tattooed is burned or damaged in any way, another placement must be chosen for the appointment or your deposit is forfeit. You may not be sick at your appointment. Please contact us ahead of time to reschedule if you don’t feel well. If you are or appear sick, you will not be tattooed and your deposit will be forfeit.

Any last-minute changes made to your tattoo design or placement of the tattoo can change the cost of the tattoo. Deposits are per design request. The artist has the ability to cancel/reschedule your tattoo appointment at any time. Under no circumstance are children allowed to sit and wait while their parents receive any kind of service. Please do not bring your kids to your tattoo appointment.

 Please remember to wear appropriate clothing that makes the area to be tattooed easily accessible, and wear clothes that you don’t mind potentially getting stained with ink.

Avoid alcohol and drugs for 48 hours before your appointment.

If you appear to be inebriated in any way, you will not be tattooed and your deposit is forfeit.

Healing time for most tattoos is 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, you’ll need to avoid tanning beds and sun tanning as well as lakes, pools, hot tubs, baths (quick showers are ok) and any other body of water where bacteria may be present. Do your best not to over-expose the area of your body that has been tattooed. If you are unsure, please call and ask. By placing a tattoo deposit, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Any questions regarding your deposit should be asked prior to placing the deposit.

You must have a valid government ID at the time of your appointment.